How to Report Harassment or Discrimination at Work

by Jessica Collier 11 July 2019

If you’ve ever felt uncomfortable at work, you’re not alone. Workplace harassment and discrimination can take many forms, some of which are subtle and hard to detect. 

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Bias-Proofing Your Workplace

by Jessica Collier 27 June 2019

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Anonymous Reporting, Upgraded: Exciting New Features from Spot

by Daniel Nicolae 12 June 2019


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Want to Combat Unconscious Bias? Remove the Human from Reporting

by Jessica Collier 7 June 2019
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What About False Reports?

by Jessica Collier 30 May 2019

Despite increased efforts to prevent harassment and discrimination, approximately 75% of incidents will never be reported. Even with heightened awareness around this issue, countless individuals are suffering silently while bearing the professional and personal costs of toxic behavior in the workplace. And companies are—in many cases unknowingly—bearing their side of the cost with legal risk, productivity loss, retention issues, higher healthcare costs, and potential PR disasters that they can’t adequately anticipate.

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