Traditional Harassment Training Doesn’t Work: Research Highlights from Spot

by Jessica Collier 12 September 2019

For the last few decades, organizations have pumped considerable time, money, and resources into Harassment and Discrimination Training (HDT) for their employees. These programs are designed to improve workplace safety and culture and, in many cases, check compliance boxes. 

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Security & Privacy at Spot: Frequently Asked Questions

by Dylan Marriott 5 September 2019

When it comes to harassment and discrimination reporting, security and privacy are crucial, both to the employees who speak up about incidents and to the HR teams that handle them. Our engineering team has built Spot so that everyone can feel safe and secure trusting our platform with their data. 

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Add Supporting Files to Reports: New Feature from Spot

by Chandra Wald 22 August 2019


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Harassment Laws in CA are Changing—Are You Ready?

by Jessica Collier 15 August 2019


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Silent Witnesses: An Untapped Resource for Tackling Harassment

by Jessica Collier 25 July 2019

Most incidents of workplace harassment or discrimination don’t happen in the dark, but you’re still unlikely to hear about them. Witnesses don’t typically speak up about what they heard or saw. By addressing the witness underreporting problem, employers can access a largely untapped source of information that can help them gain insight into what’s happening within their organization. 

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