Add Supporting Files to Reports: New Feature from Spot

When a person has harassment or discrimination to report, we’ve found that they often have files that support their account of the incident: for example, screenshots of emails or text messages, or photos that demonstrate what happened. This supporting information can be critical during an investigation, yet existing tools for reporting inappropriate behavior in the workplace don’t typically include an anonymous way to share them.

Uploading supporting files

Reporters may upload image attachments to their reports

Spot wants to help reporters provide their organizations with as much detail about incidents as possible, without necessarily revealing their identity. When employees can anonymously share supporting evidence, organizations can investigate reports more effectively.

To support both people who have experienced harassment or discrimination as well as the organizations they’re reporting to, we’ve introduced a new feature: reporters can now upload image files to include with their reports. Organizations can also request any supporting files when they use Spot to send follow-up questions to people who have submitted reports. Admins will see any uploaded files in the report Appendix.

We’re excited to release this feature as another step towards safer, more actionable, and more comprehensive anonymous reporting.

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