Harassment Laws in CA are Changing—Are You Ready?

by Jessica Collier 15 August 2019


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Silent Witnesses: An Untapped Resource for Tackling Harassment

by Jessica Collier 25 July 2019

Most incidents of workplace harassment or discrimination don’t happen in the dark, but you’re still unlikely to hear about them. Witnesses don’t typically speak up about what they heard or saw. By addressing the witness underreporting problem, employers can access a largely untapped source of information that can help them gain insight into what’s happening within their organization. 

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New Research from Spot: Witness Reporting and the ‘Social Contagion’ of Toxic Work Culture

by Julia Shaw 17 July 2019

According to an international study with over 1,000 participants, people who witnessed harassment or discrimination at work told many people about it, but they didn’t tell HR.

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How to Report Harassment or Discrimination at Work

by Jessica Collier 11 July 2019

If you’ve ever felt uncomfortable at work, you’re not alone. Workplace harassment and discrimination can take many forms, some of which are subtle and hard to detect. 

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Bias-Proofing Your Workplace

by Jessica Collier 27 June 2019

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