Anonymous Reporting, Upgraded: Exciting New Features from Spot

At Spot, we’re always working to improve harassment and discrimination reporting for employees and HR. When the dashboard and admin tools were released in October 2018, we started out working primarily with smaller, newer companies and startups. Now, with DaVita, Monzo, and other enterprise customers on board, we’re rethinking how Spot can be used at scale.

Want to Combat Unconscious Bias? Remove the Human from Reporting

After the 2018 Starbucks scandal in which a manager called the police on some African American customers, the company reacted by implementing racial bias training for all employees. This decision drove the problem of bias into the spotlight and spurred many companies to examine how they train employees around the issue.

What About False Reports?

Despite increased efforts to prevent harassment and discrimination, approximately 75% of incidents will never be reported. Even with heightened awareness around this issue, countless individuals are suffering silently while bearing the professional and personal costs of toxic behavior in the workplace. And companies are—in many cases unknowingly—bearing their side of the cost with legal risk, productivity loss, retention issues, higher healthcare costs, and potential PR disasters that they can’t adequately anticipate.

Want to Tackle Workplace Harassment? AI is Your Secret Weapon

We are living in a time of unprecedented awareness around the issues of workplace harassment and discrimination. And yet the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission estimates that 75% of workplace harassment and discrimination goes unreported, leaving organizations in the dark about their level of risk and the true health of their culture.

Hotline Hangups

When it comes to preventing harassment and discrimination at work, the times (and the laws) are changing.

Spotlight on New York's New Anti-Harassment Laws

In the U.S., we’re seeing increased action at the state level to prevent harassment at work. New York State recently adopted the strongest sexual harassment prevention regulations the nation has ever seen. If you’re an employer in the Empire State, you’re now required to have a comprehensive prevention policy and training program in place. California, Connecticut, Delaware, and Maine already have training mandates, and other states are working on passing legislation that will alter the way employers address sexual harassment.