Introducing Sexual Harassment Training & Surveys from Spot

Traditional harassment training has been largely ineffective. At Spot, we looked at what hasn’t worked and designed a more innovative, inclusive approach. Today we’re launching digital sexual harassment prevention training, reimagined for the #metoo era.

Sexual harassment training, reimagined

We took a deep dive into the research on why traditional harassment training just wasn’t effective. We found is that training often leads to backlash and to what are called dogmatic communication patterns, where people simply parrot what they think they’re supposed to say. We also found that sexual harassment is a bigger umbrella than most people understand, especially in the #MeToo era.

To bridge the gap, we designed Spot’s sexual harassment training to include diverse, nuanced scenarios, while also highlighting people’s similarities rather than their differences. Training consists of beautifully designed 10-minute episodes that cover essential concepts and offer proactive guidance for today’s workplace.

Each 10-minute episode ends with 2-3 survey questions, so HR gets real-time insights on NPS and the employee experience as their team moves through the episodes.

Updated scenarios

Spot’s training goes beyond the tired cliches and egregious examples so often featured in traditional training content. Employees will explore scenarios that address topics including:

  • Gender identity
  • Sexual orientation
  • Sex stereotyping
  • Supervisor responsibility
  • Offensive gifts and gestures
  • Options for reporting
  • Unwanted nicknames and touching
  • Witnessing harassment
  • Quid Pro Quo
  • Retaliation
  • Unwelcome compliments
  • Unwelcome signage and imagery
  • Supervisor responsibilities
  • Investigation requirements

In addition to the topics listed above, Spot’s supervisor training includes information on:

  • Definition of a supervisor
  • Supervisor responsibilities and a higher standard of conduct
  • Employer and supervisor liability
  • One-on-ones
  • Preventing harassment
  • Receiving reports
  • Obligation to report
  • Investigating reports
  • Following up
  • Retaliation

How it works

Spot’s training is delivered in digestible 10-minute episodes—one hour for employees, two hours for supervisors. It’s available any time, on mobile or desktop devices, and includes an anonymous reporting method with easy follow-up for HR.

Spot’s integrated dashboard keeps track of who has completed training, so you have the documentation you need.

The training is compliant with new regulations, including those in California and New York.

Episodes 1-4 are available today. We’ll continue to release new episodes on a rolling basis through November (six episodes total for employees, twelve for supervisors).

Comprehensive harassment prevention solution

There’s a reason that traditional training hasn’t worked. At Spot, we understand that changing behavior requires building trust between employees and HR, educating people without accusing them, and providing tools to safely and confidently speak up when things do go wrong.

With Spot, your HR and compliance teams can manage training, surveys, and reports all in one place. Our anonymous reporting tool makes training more than just an exercise in checking the box—employees have a safe, familiar way to speak up when things do go wrong. And HR can ask follow-up questions, even on anonymous reports, without compromising confidentiality or introducing bias.

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